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How many of you have had a MRI that had a white matter that your drs are unable to identify and explain them as normal?

I was just diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder about 3 months ago after a very long journey of numerous test, doctors, brush off excuses etc. just as I'm sure you all went through as we'll so I know you understand. I will be asking many questions because just like you I am not giving up! I am studying patterns, behaviors, symptoms, past, present and new issues that seem to add to my list each day and week. If you would like to join me in the quest or can help me NOT reinvent the wheel I would really appreciate it. The severity and fast progression is scaring the day lights out of me because there obviously is from what I have researched or learned from the doctors no guidelines of what happens next. Thank you so much for your help.

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I have had exactly the same thing one neuro is worried the other one isn't. I was told to go home research FND and not to see them until May ? I had a heart echo 4 weeks ago and the radiologist told me that they are worried about the stuff on my brain and I may have a hole in my heart but I am still here waiting for the next appointments ! I am managing to work and lead a semi-normal life but each day brings on new and different symptoms. I would like to join you in your quest as I feel it is disgusting that we are all just given this diagnosis and then left to it. My G.P. has told me that it is on the same spectrum as M.S. C.F.S. etc and it would be nice to have support that these diagnosis have. Good Luck and I will always answer any questions xxx


I have had 2 MRIs in the past year and both of them show a white matter on the front left lobe of my brain. Both neurologist one here locally and the one I saw at Duke University said they were normal even after the radiologist diagnosed it as cognitive disorder, gait abnormally,, sensory loss and dismyling (spelling?) disease. I o not have any type of a normal life and now require full time watch. The seizures had advanced to 2 a week and now more. I also had a failed back fusion over two years ago that had left me with severe chronic pain unable to stand, sit or walk without even more pain than what has become my base pain. I do thank you for your help and hope we all get well soon.


l have just seen your question l have also had an mri and got white matter l was told it because l was getting old l am 54yr l have been battling the thoughts of dementure or something like that l have a few things like fibro, FND, NEAD , CRONIC PAIN but nothing to complicate my brain


when I was diagnosed with MS 24 years ago I was told by a very well known and respected neurologist that there was no point in me having an MRI because everyone over 40 years old has white matter or sclerotic plaques.

Fours years ago I was re diagnosed with FND following an MRI. I dare not argue this point any more as all it does is bring about alienation from the professionals. This original explanation goes unsaid and therefore unanswered but I see that certain look when I ask any leading questions so I keep quiet now. I have three cousins with neurological symptoms and this has also fell upon so called deaf ears. I applaud you LadyPink ! Please do not give up Neurology seems to be a bit of a mine field.



I have a white spot on the left side of my brain, I was told its normal but I have just been diagnosed with fnd and my facial drooping is on the right side of my face.


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