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Any advice

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Hi all. Long story short, I've had essential tremor (or what I thought was ET) since 2012, over the past 6 months it has got progressively worse, along with some other neurological symptoms. On the 27th of December I was admitted to hospital due to complete paralysis/weakness in both my legs. Fast forward two weeks, and after multiple MRIs and tests, nothing was found. I saw a really great neurologist on two occasions. He diagnosed me with FND. I'm just looking for some advice about a few things. Firstly, should I notify the DVLA? I should point out I can now move my legs again, but they are still very weak/heavy.

Also. On discharge from hospital on the 11th, my mum told me her and my stepdad have been battling the flu for the last week. Am I eligible for the flu jab, even if not should I pay to get it at a pharmacy? My local one is offering it. Does FND make me more succeptable to these things? I've always found in the past I'm floored even just with a normal cold. 😶😐

I'm 24, female, from Scotland.



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Vaccinations don't make my FND worse. I don't think FND patients are more susceptible to viruses like the flu. If DVLA has to do with driving, I wouldn't notify them, but I would stop driving. You wouldn't want to injure an innocent person and give them an FND or sever their spinal cord.

Because your legs feel weak/heavy, before you stand up and walk, tell yourself, "I may get false signals in my brain telling me that my legs are weak and heavy. I should try to ignore these input signals that are false." (This often helps me, but not always.)

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When I was diagnosed with peri feral neuropathy I found that my lags could not operate a car safely. I now drive a car adapted for use with hand controls. You can be assessed for this and have a car supplied by mobility. If you drive long distances adaptive cruise control is very useful

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