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Good Morning!!!

Hi Everyone, How you all Doing? Have you been on our website fndhope.org and signed up for our Newsletter, Your be kept up to date with all the Fnd Information from the Fnd Community . Whilst your there take a look at the Scientific Registry and Sign up for that is well.. Have a good Day and Never Give Up Hope.

Love Sal Admin/UK Patient Support Representative X

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Hi i had seizures a few years ago they were really bad at the time the way that i over came them was through distraction. I realised that when i about to have one there was a short window where i could divert my attention so thats what i would do and eventually they went away for good i haven't had one for about 7 years. I hope this helps you and gives you hope.

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That's so positive to hear.

I find my window is too short to react. Especially if I'm out coz I'm so concerned of having a seizure that I get distracted by that which triggers it. When at home I have been able to delay it. But it comes on suddenly later.

I feel a disconnection starting from legs up The last thing to go is speech. And the first thing to come back is speech.

I usually fall in recovery position. I can hear everything but cannot respond.


Catherine that is Awesome news, I'm so pleased for you that by you finding a way of dealing with your seizures has had such a positive impact on your life. You must feel so free now. May this continue for you and your able to start rebuilding your life again hun. Thank you for sharing such a Positive story xx


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