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Natural birth and Pregnancy with FND

Hey all

Not sure if this has been answered before but from looking there arnt many comment of those whom have or are currently pregnant with FND. I am. I have had my first stroke at 14 at school. Since then i have suffered Hemipligia migraines. Took 6 years to diagnose. Smoking weed seemed to keep them at bay for the most part but when i chose to stop the migraines were worse and more server... trialed meds but non prevailed as my paralysis would start on mainly my right side arm or foot then travel throughout my body on that one side all the way to my head droopy face and all, speech all munted all within 45min - 1hr. So the rapid onset was to risky to take the norm meds..

ANYWHO. After my son was born 7 years ago my hemipligia slowed down in frequency but kept the severity. Move forward 4 years i had a hectic pregnancy with my 2nd whos now 3.5 - i suffered much walking issues with pelvic girdle pain at its worst. Torn ligiments and post partum heamoraging after birth - to say the least it was traumatic...

Again my hemipligia stayed far and few between but when they hit i was down for a week at a time with different issues taking longer to recover instead of 24-48 hrs it was 5-8 days before i had my brain and body working together again. Then in april- i had a seizure... like what the heck. One moth with a decline in health and a bew boquet of neurological symptoms i was diagnosed FND.

This was in june 2017 now 7 mths in. Still havibg symptoms daily but soo not as bad as im learning my body and triggers ect 10+years of hemipligia helped me know how to self manage... but - im now 18 weeks pregnant . . . The walking pain is back and only relieved when im laying down. As a mother of 2 already i cannot spend my days lying around. Im 28 so this year they didnt allow me to have a hystorectomy or tubal ligation they wanted to wait till 2018... wel well well. Im now finding my self in a constant state of flux.

Can my body and me survive birth either natural or section. . The hospital at this stage can make a call on best approach due to lack of knowledge on FND - Me and my maternity history as i have just moved to nz from auz.

I have moments when i invision myself / my body just shutting down half way thru due to the memory of trauma/new trauma and fear of what i will be like afterwards...

My question is. Has anyone had any complications from FND in pregnancy- i kno some fancy fella said it isnt passed onto the baby. Yet im convinced thru reading and study this condition like hemipligia can be hereditary... my thoughts and concerns as selfish as it may come across is not so much for baby. . But me. And coping. Im not selfish as im still a person, wife and mother to 2 already and i was hoping to hear honest weather daunting or postive of anyone who has been where i am or walking in the same or similar circumstances. How did u physically cope mentally cope. Manage after wards. Cos i can honestly say my symptoms have not got away... they arnt Bad... but they are very much ther. And they come on easier now im more tired and weak . I dont have the strength even now at 18 weeks some times to not hit myself, "glitch" as we call it in my home. Sometimes im so wobbly i lool worse than the elderly....

Many blessings and thanks in advance for the feedback ❤

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Had my babies before most of my symptoms started (or got worse) so i cannot relate, but i do worry what i would go through if i had another child. Im sorry you've been through so much.


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