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Endocrinology appointment


So met new dr who's an endocrinologist.... after explaining about my thyroid he asks any other problems! I say yes gp is looking into early menopause as period stopped for 4 months... oh ... well that's my area of expertise so I'll do the tests... some questions later....well I'm thinking you've got cushings disease... so lots of blood tests Monday and then no alcohol for a month then another test!! So all in all good news at least maybe some answer for symptoms not fnd related! Then sort eyes as they think I've got glaucoma too...🤣😂😅

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Wow, my period also stopped, I was always regular as clock work !!!!! 1 am 48. I was surprised, I am now hot flashing...?? I wonder if there are any other women out there, who as experienced this??????

Could be early menopause I'm only 43 hence they want to rule out some other diseases!! I know a few fnd ladies who's periods have stopped or become irregular!!!

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Hi , i was diagnosed, with FND two weeks ago, although I still waiting on my MRI.... to see if there is anything else going on. I have problems with my left kidney. What seems weird , is that my FND effects my left side only. All of my symptoms started when my periods stopped which is 8 weeks ago...??

Wow... I would also get them to check for cushings , have you seen endocrinology ?? I can give you the list of hormone checks they should do for periods stopping! I got diagnosed with fnd 2 years ago! Periods only stopped 4 months ago and endo dr doesn't believe it's related to fnd unless all his tests are clear! Also I'd ask for more checks because periods stopping can be polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause, cushings, don't just accept it's fnd!!!

Thanks.....I do have other symptoms such as seizures, issues with memory speech etc...that's way I fit the FND label. All these symptoms started recently.....????what blood test should I ask for???

Hi just pm you

I'd ask to see endocrinologist as it could be many things other than fnd!

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