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To Members

It is with great sadness that I write this post. Over the past 5 years this has become a strong flourishing community of support for many. It is a self-governing group meaning if you see something offensive you either ignore the post or poster or report it.

A post that is reported is removed if it does not add value to the conversation or uses any words that could be considered name calling or demoralising. These type of conversations do not enhance anyones experience. This is a large community and there is bound to be misunderstandings, however, any disagreements need to be managed privately between those who are involved without disrupting the entire community. Anyone who takes an aggressive tone, name calls, or continues to escalate the sitution when admin are trying to resolve it will be temporarily restricted.

We will not tollerate posts that name call, make assumptions of others mental health or speak of mental health in a derogatory manner.

Let us move forward with peace, purpose and hope.

Thank you,

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I do not write often, I have had NFD for over 5 years and been to hell and back. I totally agree with your post. I am astounded that persons or people can riddicule or name call, please lets all be togeather on this, as its the only web site I know that is about FND, there may be a few missunderstandings but we can all ask each other for advise surely? Lets al keep climbing that steep hill togeather.


As they say, NEVER JUDGE ANYONE UNTIL YOU HAVE SPENT TIME IN THEIR SHOES, this forum is to support and NEVER to undermine an others confidence and well-being. It has taken a lot for contributors to open up and share their feelings and how they have found coping mechanisms. We are all different, thank goodness, so we all have a slightly different need. WHAT EVER THAT IS THEN WE SHOULD STAND BEHIND THAT INDIVIDUAL.

Take care and let this forum do the job it was designed for.


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