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Meet up Scotland

Hi folks

So sorry for delay in organising this.

Life's been rather insane with family health - thankfully it's not hit me too bad... just feeling drained emotionally and mentally by it all.

With a Edinburgh meet up - trying to get a day that suits everyone can be rather awkward but I'm gonna do my best.. if it ends up being on a day that you can't do and isn't what you suggested plz don't get angry or upset... a fair few have asked so next time we can just rotate day and place and time :)

I need to source out a place that is easily accessible and central to train station / tram stop...

please pop below a day that suits you :)

Will be aiming for a 1/1:30 meet tht means if people are travelling they can grab lunch at the place too or just coffee for those who don't want to eat. Will aim to finish when we get kicked out but advise about 3:30/4 to avoid crazy train rush.

Speak soon

Andy- Glasgow

I'm free any Wednesday/Friday/Saturday

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I'm up for this will see what people say :)

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I can move around dates a little just give me enough notice

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I can move around dates too with notice - I'm still on phased return at work for now so can choose my shifts 👍


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