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FND Questions?


Please, sign up and ask these great FND specialists around the world questions.

Glenn Nielsen. He is the physio who created the physio programme used by Dr Edwards, Stone, and all over the world.

Jeanette Genlauff does research and is receiving her training with Stone and another doctor in the Netherlands.

Tim Nicholson has the same knowledge as Stone and Edwards.

Kathrin LaFaver has done a ton of research and has the first inpatient treatment center in the US. She was part of the team that discovered fMRI's show changes in the brain between healthy controls and feigning.

This is a great opportunity.

Register for any or all four webinars and to see times: fndhope.org/fnd-specialists/

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Sounds good but i don't know what any of these people's research is about. I got ignored over 2 years then diagnosed and dumped.

I think it's great that you are having this week but it's tiring enough going through this with no help or support but reading or watching or answering questions is too much for my brain to cope with right now.

I hope everyone gets some answers


Thank you for the feedback.


I'm having a bad brain week

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Thank you for all of your efforts.

I discovered at the Emory conference this year that Dr. Lafaver does not take or treat FND patients with paroxysmal movement disorders in her program. My complex movement disorder is paroxysmal.

I am also demonstrating dysautonomia which seems to be outside the scope of expertise of FND specialists.

Physio therapy has actually been demonstrated to worsen my permanent neurologic deficits in clinic.

If there are FND experts who deal in these complex multi system abnormalities and deficits, please let me know.

I have no access through my provider system to advanced imaging diagnostics and therapies. If your experts can provide guidance for how to gain access to advanced diagnostics for Atypical FND patients, please let me know.

I am interested in current research in molecular biology as it pertains to FND and genetic linkage as my daughter has been told she has exactly what I have. If any information is available in this area, please advise.

Thank you for your support. Best wishes for success.

Dan / Seattle


A huge thank you to the above Professionals for taking time from their busy schedules to do these live Webinars and answer some of our many questions.

I joined the session with Neuro Physio Glenn Nielsen and it was very informative and helpful

If you get chance to watch any of the recordings think it's worth a listen,as we can never stop trying to learn more to understand this disorder many of us are struggling daily with.

Happy Easter. Lucy .


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