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Sensory disturbance

Hi, I have been getting progressive sensory problems over the last four months - burning, freezing cold, tightness, numbness, prickles and grit sensation in hands and feet, dry rigid nails, dystonia (?) in face. Was assured this was FND. Having pushed and pushed for nerve conduction studies, on Friday I discover during tests there is an organic cause - demyelinating neuropathy. This is a chronic condition. I would just urge everyone to read up and challenge symptoms that don't add up or you are concerned about. FND often accompanies other neurological disorders. I say this not to scare anyone but to question because there might be treatment which you could be receiving and you aren't getting. I can only speak from experience but have gone through 4 months of hell. Changing neuro now.

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Thank you for sharing. I hope now you have this diagnosis better treatment and relief from the horrid symptoms are on the way.

By nerve conduction studies is that an EMG? Can I ask where you had it done if it was? I had an EMG done on my hands/arm recently but not had results yet.

Besthe wishes x



I was told by the consultant that EMG and NCS are two different tests. I had the NCS done at QA Hospital in Southampton. I know you can get them done privately at a cost of around £350-£400. Your GP would have to refer you and then make sure the relevant body parts are tested. I got the results during the tests but I await the readings which I have asked to be emailed to me. Always have copies of things and educate yourself as best you can. I would chase up your results. I've not had a good experience and you have to push and push. I'm very happy to answer your questions if I can. The more we share the better informed we are. My experience is you can't leave it up to the 'professionals'. Luckily my uncle is a neurologist and what he has suspected for months has now been proven to be the case yet I've had to battle and battle.



Seems to be anxiety symptoms

Try progressive relaxation technique google on web

See if this will help


A diagnosis of functional/anxiety cannot be made without ruling out organic cause. Polyneuropathy is a horrible thing and can be progressive. Prognosis varies. If sensory problems are due to anxiety then all well,presumably, and good but you could be missing something and I've lost three months - was sent to a psychiatrist and told to take anti-depressants! Nerve conduction studies have been around for yonks so if you have sensory problems particularly in the extremeties insist on testing.




When there are physical symptoms due to sensory motor function then the diagnosis is a relationship between alexathmia and conversion disorder however a stressful event which is causing physical symptoms needs to be discovered and a link then needs to be made.

It took me 2 years to find the link between my stressful event and diagnosis and am currently in treatment for that in therapy.

within the two years it had been challenging for me to be able to find that link but it was only when the doctor stated that this could be from your early childhood that then I could make a link.

And finding this link has then been able to identify treatment options.

I am now out of work due to peuodoseizures at work which pose a risk to health and safety so I am now on disability allowance and in treatment which is hard work.

Emotions being converted into physical symptoms

Have others found their link


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