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functional sensory or ms

Hi all,

I just wanted a bit of advice or if anyone has been in a similar situation.

I have been diagnosed with functional sensory after the birth of my little girl. I had some kind of reaction to bp tablets or the spinal and it all spiralled from there. I improved had everything from weakness in the legs blurred vision the tingles numbness chest pains etc. I'm now at a stage where all this comes and goes but a lot less at random times. It's so hard to explain. It's like my body reset it self after the birth and just couldn't take anymore. I get aches through body still, on of pins and needles, twitching, itching, jerks, muscle cramps, occasional blurred vision, I have fallen for kniw reason once my leg just gave way and the latest was it was kind of like my right arm locked not for long but it locked. I have a strong suspension I have ms. I had an Mri over a year ago, completely normal. My neurologist says all my symptoms are common with functional disorders esp sensory but has he just given me this title until something shows up? Is that what they do or should I have faith in what he says? I know I never had anything wrong with me until I took those tablets. I had a terrible reaction to them and I'm sure they played a part in it. But can you get ms from an allergic reaction? I prob should go back to my Neuro and request another Mri but I'm scared too.

Just ranting thank you for reading. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you.

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Hi there I don't know that I have any answers for you but I did get a lot of the same symptoms as you though ones mentioned particularly seem to be in remission at the moment which is great praise God. I believe that mine was to do with progesterone after an early menopause and low serotonin but all my serious issues began after a general anaesthetic. Anyway be interested to know how you get on God bless. B complex vitamins seem to help the tingling in my hands and feet which very occasionally come back and I take other vitamins which help and also natural progesterone and Amitriptyline.


Hello. I don't have much advice really as I am also quite new to this and still wondering what is going on. I have also been wondering about a link to allergies and have emailed my neurologist.

I also had an MRI etc in July. I am under a neurologist though so have just seen her and been given more tests and referrals.

Are you still seeing a neuro? What have they put in place for you going forwards or have they left you to it?

Really hope you get the help and support you need x


My opinion is it was most likely the spinal but in any event, no you cannot get MS from either. But you can get dystonia from either, or a functional movement disorder. So sorry to hear of all of this. Mine started after a faulty brain surgery followed by a spinal fluid leak, never the same since. But when your served lemons you try as hard as you can to make lemonade, on most days I am still able to make lemonade, even in the condition I am in. God Bless and pray you have a Great Lords Day. Cathy :-)


Thank you for your replies, it's of great comfort. Sometimes it can feel very isolating.

Yes, am due to see the neurologist soon so will see. Just curious what others think or have experienced. I have allergies like you KJ, I never had these before, I can know longer wear my engagement ring without gaining blisters and swelling, I'm also now allergic to plasters. I have something called dermagraphism that I never had before. The stuff that happens now is endless really.

Also Cathy which is interesting I had a spinal leak too, followed by a blood patch that didn't work, they sent me home too early when I stood up it disbursed. This was on my second child. My third I also had a spinal from there on I went down hill and when they gave me the bp tablets that was it, my body went on to meltdown. Flushing burning tingling agonising headache bp through the roof instead of dropping. Was weird. Never been the same since!!! Cathy, so maybe you are on to something it's not MS but what the Neuro originally said. I will ask about dystonia when I visit him, thank you.

Thanks for your replies. And good luck with your searches too. Hope you all find the answers you need too.

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