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Neuro toxins

Hi there was diagnosed with FND in 2013 and I'm very interested in getting to the root cause of problems rather than just putting plasters on wounds so to speak. I've done quite a bit of research over the years by the grace of God and I'm currently watching a film at the link below which if you've got Netflix I highly recommend. It talks about how modern chemicals in the last 20 years have increased neuro, immune and reproductive problems along with autism and other potentialities. I just wanted to share this with you so you can at least be aware if you're not already. I'm trying to use as many natural products as I can I even have a thick quilt over my mattress (now which mostly contain formaldehyde!). Let me know what you think, God bless.

"The Human Experiment" on Netflix

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Hi rach, always nice to read someone else's post who is a born again Christian.

I don't think we will actually figure out the root of it all... it's one of those complicated events in life.

For me its about learning to cope and live each day as I can... as I'm sure you do too.

Trust you are well... enjoy the sunshine!

B blessed


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Replied below sorry had trouble replying to your post!


For some reason it won't let me reply to your post so I'm hoping you get this.... Hey thanks for your reply Andy. Do hope you're doing ok and yes the sunshine is lovely. Don't forget though with God all things are possible and I'm actually doing much better at the moment hallelujah. I also think we need to take responsibility for our health as much as you possibly can and be careful with the bodies that God has given us... I just want to be well & help others when can. To me the cause is as important as the treatment. Whatever in God's wisdom helps. In Him, stay blessed :)


Hi. I also saw the "human experiment" on Netflix. I have very bad eczema and went to allergist. I was allergic to over 10 preservatives. So, I have been using different products. I was interested in your comment because who knows what damage everyday chemicals are doing to our brains! I'm also trying to do a non to minimal processed diet. As a result, I'm having less painful days. Keep in touch. Let me know how you are doing!!

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Thanks for taking the time to comment really good to hear from you and hear the positivity. It's hard to make changes but it's so worthwhile when we do. I'm using natural essential oils as a deodorant now instead and they're brilliant. Theyre easily as good as any deodorant and you can choose which ones you want plus they have good health properties as well such as tea tree, lavender and patchouli. I haven't tried my "no poo" yet in my hair but I've cut out so many things and making lifestyle changes to avoid cooking in plastics excetra. It's really hard but I think it's worth it and I've noticed some improvements already actually. Just by washing chemicals off my hands I've been having a lot less eczema which was terrible. God is good. I'm also looking to buy the ingredients online to do my own make-up which I'm looking forward to. I've also been watching a good programme on BBC1 about a Doctor who wants to get people off drugs with other alternatives very very good. Keep in touch as well :)

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This is a very interesting stream. I have developed some allergies to preservatives and spices and had 2 episodes of anaphylactic shock. My eczema went away when I stopped taking products with salacylates ( sorry forgot spelling but esentially, asprin based products and those that use it as preservative. )

Preservatives: benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are in so many products . I am particularly sensitive to them.

I am also Also paprika and cinnamon!

I therefore agree with everyone.

Mel xx

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