New Report on FMD-Everyone should read

Hello All, I am hoping that this link does come through, I will try it as soon as it posts. I was on my dystonia bulletin board this morning and this popped up. It pertains to each of us with what I have always called a movement disorder. I am sure hoping for each of us this is the beginning of hope for this strange condition that each of us share. God Bless and have a blessed day, I think you all might be encouraged by the hope it has to offer. I myself am printing it off. Although not having a fmd diagnoses but dystonia, I have always fit more into this group than the other.

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  • Great article! It's about time research is starting to uncover this neuro disfunction. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Cathy, this is very interesting indeed ! Many thanks for sharing : )

    Take care, Angela x

  • Thanks Cathy for a really good article-it makes sense and gives hope of better understanding :)

  • Thank all of you who responded to the article, I think in the states its the first positive article I have seen recognizing that fmd is a disconnect in the brains. Wasn't really sure I would see it in my life time, now hopefully it will start to gain some momentum and some significant changes in the next few years will be seen. God Bless to all on the board. Cathy :-)

  • Thanks, Cathy, for sharing this interesting article. It offers hope in a field where there is desperate need. Perhaps it is a start toward better understanding (including doctors) of we are truly facing.

  • Fascinating. Hadn't run across this article. So it's actually the doctors who are MALINGERING by not doing their due diligence. Ha. As if we didn't already know that. Hehe.

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