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MRI finally

Hi all, I had my appointment with second neurologist in less than a year and it lasted less than ten minutes. I had anticipated a challenge again in being further investigated, but I didn't even need to request an MRI because after reviewing my numerous primary and secondary symptoms and suggesting the necessity of an MRI that my head pains were definitely nerve related, but also deeper rooted than trigeminal neuralgia and not migraines.

He has also put me straight on Gabapentin which is the only medication offered to me since September 2015 when the previous neurologist prescribed amitriptyline (which completely knocked me sideways, so couldn't continue).

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Very happy you found a concerned Dr. The gabapentin has worked very well for me for nerve pain, and for controlling the seizure type activity that I have. Use to have the activity all the time and now have only had two in 6 months. Found that most of the anti-seizure drugs have given some benefit, some better than others. I will pray right now that this works for you, and also that your MRI shows what they need to see. I would sure like them to order one for me right now. I'm a mess, but I am at their mercies, but I trust in my Lord and I know He sees it all. God Bless you today, and thank you for the positive report. Praying all goes well, Cathy


Thank you for your response Cathys20, can you please tell me more about the seizure type activity that you have experienced?


Good Morning, As far as the seizsures the best I can describe them is I am concious but dazed. I am unable to control any part of my body, it spasms in all directions or other times it just locks totally, I am unable to move. I lose all sence of time. I have been in this type of dystonic episodes for as long as 18 hours a day. Coming out for a few moments and then going back in. My eyes will roll into my head they say or be spasming all around also. I have had a code called on me twice in our local hospital, also a stroke called one time. I am much better now with the seizure type activity since the gabapentin. I have only had two in 6 months and mild in comparison to what they use to be. We call them dystonic episodes because that is what dystonia, which I have been diagnosed formally with calls them. Hope this helps. I always say I have dystonia, but I have what every one else on this board calls fnd. I believe everyone on this board or most of them have a yet unidentified movement disorder. Oh I forgot to mention, the family sees a aura about me before an episode, always, they know it is coming by my eyes before I do. Also I always loose speech, sometimes it may last for several days afterwards. Hope all this helps in some way. God bless, if you are in the US you can call me or I can call you anytime. Let me know. Cathy :-)


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