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how many people developed FND symptoms after being ill with something else?

With me my symptoms started after a cold i wouldn't say i was healthy before the cold as i do suffer from IBS and the worse migraines all the doctors iv had have seen. In November i got struck with a very bad cold gave me horrible headaches nose bleeds as well as all the other classic cold symptoms. After the cold passed(about the 1st of December) i started getting temporary blindness, blurred vision and double vision all in my right eye. I went to hospital concerned with this and was told originally I had optic neuritis shortly after I left hospital the essential tremor i have in my right hand became a lot worse and i started getting odd sensations down my right side it feel like my leg below the knee had become detached i developed a burning pain in my right arm and then the feeling it was being inflated like a balloon.

about a week later i started getting this odd uncontrollable spasm run through my shoulder that made my shoulder jerk and the sensations in my right side became worse and along with bouts of burning pain this detached feeling in my limbs, i started getting this sensation of bugs crawling across my right arm and leg as well as my vision worsening in my right eye, losing my coordination on my right side making simple tasks a lot harder sometimes impossible and my right knee kept giving way. well as you can imagine i got very concerned so eventually went back to hospital on the 14 on the way there my problems became a lot worse i the spasms started spreading all through my right side making my face twitch, my right shoulder and neck jerk violently, my right arm and hand tremor and lock in very uncomfortable position and my right leg to spasm forcing my knee to bend causing my foot to jump up and slam back down thus making walking very hard as i kept falling sideways. I had a ct scan after even diazepam couldn't stop, the scan was clear. I had the most uncomfortable night in hospital as i was getting 50 or 60 of these jerking spasms a minute all night and was told i did this even when i was a sleep. luckily it calmed down and became less frequent the next day.

The neurologist Dr Hadden visited me on the word and said he was 95 percent sure its a functional movement disorder and will likely go by itself in several weeks but i do need a head and spine MRI (which im not having till January the 22nd) as there is a small risk i have MS and booked for me to see him again as an outpatient on the 29th of January to see if the symptoms go and to give me the MRI results.

well today the spasms are not as regular but are more powerful my walking problems are worse and my whole right side is very week overall if you discount the less frequent but more powerful jerking spasms im getting worse much weaker at times. its now also spreading over to my left side as my left arm is getting some of these sensations and has started developing a tremor, has lost coordination and locks in place when i do have a jerk.

if anyone is interested i can list all my symptoms as my girlfriend and my dad doesn't really want to talk about it. it would be good to talk about it with someone who understands.

ps sorry for long posts please answer my question at top whether or not your symptoms started after being ill with something else.

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Hi again,I replied to your other post but forgot to add that you should keep a diary of your symptoms-you may find that they change over the next few days /weeks .Try to get some rest if you can .Angela x


I'm sorry to hear that you are having such weird symptoms. They are shared by many people with FND...and a number of people complain that they have had a virus before getting symptoms. You might be interested in this link, about 10 children in Colorado who developed numbness after an illness:

It's a scary journey that you are on right now, and it really does help to have someone to talk to on a regular basis about your symptoms and how to cope with them. I would suggest that you check out the following 2 websites for more information:

On the second website, you might want to click on the link to join a large Facebook group about FND/CD. It's an excellent place to go to find other people with the same symptoms that you have, and who will be able to help you as you learn how to cope with this change in your medical situation.

The more you can openly talk about it, the easier it will be for you. It helps because you can learn how to cope with the emotional upheavals, instead of internalising them. If you are offered counselling, take it, as it should be able to help you make the necessary adjustments in your outlook on life, to help you learn how to re-adjust your focus for your future, with less stress.

Research has shown that counselling helps a lot of people...and I suspect not just those who have had a lot of trauma in the past. It's not an insult to be offered counselling, though it is often perceived that way. Mind you, you need someone with an open mind who isn't fixated on the erroneous belief that the mind creates the symptoms for secondary benefit...I don't believe it does, and almost all the FND community agrees with me on this one!


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