Black out spells

I started out with just full body seizures but about two months ago I started having blacking out spells where my speech goes slurr and then I pass out. I can be out any where from 5 mins to the longest has been 15 mins, I will then wake up as if from a sleep and be just fine. My FND doc says that this is normal and a lot of people go through this. I'm just wondering if anyone else goes through this???

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  • I don't black out to that extent it must be difficult dealing with such intense blackouts my biggest difficulty is memory loss and losing the ability of speech it's making work a nightmare at the minute :/

  • Hi, how are you? I suffer from absence seizures. They will come about every hour and last a few days, then go again for a while. My speech will be horrendous during this time.

    Have you got a good dr?

    Best of wishes sarah

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