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Template biopsy


I've recently had my Psa tested as 8.1 and had a follow up MRI which proved inconclusive. The urologist has said I should consider a template biopsy. I'm 52 in good health although do have a poor flow when I urinate and have to get up once or twice at night. My older brother (12 years older ) had recently had prostrate cancer.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who had had a template biopsy as I'm thinking at the moment it may be BPH? How bad are the side effects of template biopsy? Should I ask the urologist to consider a watching brief?

Thanks in anticipation.

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I have not had a template biopsy but really wish I had been offered one. Generally, from what I understand the results are more accurate and it is done under general anaesthetic though with my truss biopsy I was OK with just a local and no sedation. As far as I know the side effects are pretty much the same as for the truss biopsy, blood in your urine and passing urine may be uncomfortable for a short time. I don't know if there is the same occurrence of infection after but you should call the hospital where you would have the biopsy to ask about this. If it is you will be given antibiotics before and after the procedure. Your hospital and urologist will have different practices from others so the only way to find out is to ask.

Your PSA is almost double what it should be for someone your age. Your brother has had prostate cancer so you are at a higher risk. If I were you I would certainly have the biopsy and, if nothing is found would certainly continue with more frequent PSA tests at least twice a year if not 4 times a year if you can get them. You need to know if you have any cancer and this will hopefully find if you have or not and will be able to tell what stage you are at if you have any cancer you should then, if necessary be able to have successful early treatment and be cured.

I am sure someone willbe along soon with more information on the template biopsy. GOOD LUCK!

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I would do what your urologist recommended. Your PSA is certainly high for any age. My PSA was 5.83 at age 75 and my Biopsy found cancer.

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A normal TRUS Biopsy can only look at about 1/3 of the prostate. The part where it faces the rectum. This means that cancer can be growing on the unseen side of the prostate. A Template biopsy is done under an anaesthetic and goes in through the perineum. It can see the other side of the prostate and is highly accurate.

I urge you to have one if offered!

Best wishes



Ihad a transperineal template biopsy when my PSA was 6.1 at age 52. it found a very large (20cc) stage 3a Gleaspn 3+4 prostate cancer in the anterior region poorly sampled by trans-rectal biopsy.

I had an MRI first to help guide the surgery.

I had a very tender prostate tegion for about a week. it felt like I'd been kicked in there. I also had an unusual side effect - pelvic floor spasms making it painful to pedal a bicycle for the next couple of months - this is unusual. A physiotherapist helped with the pelvic floor so it didn't hurt but I couldn't cycle.

I think trans-perineal template biopsy,which is sterile so has a very low infection risk and doesn't require antibiotics, is the best biopsy procedure.

My cancer was found just in time to still be curable with surgery and I appear to be cured. zero PSA at 18 months.

Based on your age and PSA,unless your prostate is very large you are very likely to have some sort of prostate cancer and ned the biopsy to identify where and how dangerous it is - they run from almost benign to very life threatening with llittle relationship to PSA at this level. I also had almost no symptoms, just a slightly restricted flow and mild erectile dysfunction that may or may not have been unrelated.


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