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Has anyone had prostate bleeding months after a HOLEP operation

Hi, had a HOLEP operation six years ago and had my first major bleeding a few months after the op.

I have been in hospital three times since with blood in my urine and had to have my bladder irrigated and had to stay catheratised for a few days until l am clear of bleeding.

Thing is l have not heard of anyone else getting this and wondered if l have just been unlucky?

I can pee a lot better and don,t spend all my time looking for a toilet like l used to but l do wonder if this has been worth it.

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Hi classicmichael

I see noone with any experience of this has replied. My husband has not experienced this but it was one of the problems that could occur which was highlighted when we had the initial specialist chat. Hope you get it sorted.

best wishes


Sorry to be so late in answering, it seems that l may have been an unusual case regarding the episodes of bleeding after what should have been a straightforward operation.

Thank you for your support.



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