Missed miscarriage medical management, has it worked?

So when we went for our 7 weeks scan we were devastated to find out that our little embie had stopped developing at 6 weeks and I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage. After a second scan a week later this was confirmed and my clinic referred me to our local hospital to be seen. I chose medical management and was given pessaries etc on Wednesday afternoon. I had strong pains and fairly heavy bleeding with clots that night but only light bleeding on and off since. I wondered if anyone else has been through similar at this stage? The only thing I have to compare this to is the miscarriage I had at 12 weeks and I understandable had much heavier bleeding with that which lasted long. I guess I am worried that the medical management hasn’t fully worked. I still have sore breast etc but i did only stop my ivf hormones on Tuesday afternoon.

Any advice gratefully received, thank you in advance xxx

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  • Hey. I had medical management on the 25th of September. It worked for me. The pains Monday night we’re very intense contraction type pains. They only said I’d need to go back the next day if the bleeding hadn’t started, which it had the same day. I passed my baby on the Tuesday morning and the placenta the same night. Another lady on here, although bleeding, didn’t pass the baby until two weeks later. I think we all react differently... It sounds like with you having passed clots that it may have worked for you.

    How are you getting on now? Have you had any follow up calls? Have they prescribed you pain relief? Xx

    Ps I’m sorry for your loss x

  • Hey tugsgirl, thanks for your reply. Yeah they did give me some pain relief but apart from the first night which was pretty bad I have only had a few niggles. I’m getting on ok, just really hoping it has worked so I can focus on getting strong again, feel like we have gone through enough now & need a break to get our heads round things. As you know it is all so devastating & dissapointing. I have to phone the hospital on Monday to ‘let them know if it went as expected’ which is difficult when you are not sure what you should expect! Really hope you are doing ok as well, too many of us ladies have to go through this pain, big hugs & take care xx

  • It’s my second missed miscarriage in 6 months but I had a d and c first time. Fingers crossed it’s all worked for you xx 🤞

  • I had a miscarriage at six weeks, it was natural but I was really surprised how little blood I lost. It wasn’t much heavier than a normal period and only a few clots. It lasted four days then a couple of days of spotting. Totally different to the miscarriage I had at seven weeks five days, when I bled heavily for two weeks. The epau seemed happy that if my hcg test had gone back to negative then my miscarriage was complete, so perhaps do a test to check your levels are falling.

  • Thanks lizzielizzielizzie will definitely do a test to check level are falling xx

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