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Infertility and IVF is one journey that can get extremely tough to handle. Alongwith mental, physical, financial and social trauma pain of infertility becomes almost unbearable. The couples and, especially women oscillate between depression and hope. Whereas depression is natural, excess of ti can actually be detrimental to your infertility medical condition. More depression = More hormonal imbalance = Prolonged infertility. Thus, we come with inspiration in the form of quotes on infertility that will keep you going even when it gets dark and scaryBelieve in yourself and stay strong. This infertility journey will test your patience to the limits. Depression, feeling low and negative is natural. But, remember to come out of it soon, accept it with dignity and keep moving ahead.

i set my worries aside and let my baby do his job ;)

i hope this time it works:(

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