Baby measuring 5 weeks at 8 week scan

We've been through 2 rounds of IVF and just before we were due to start our third we got our bfp.

I booked in for a scan at 8 weeks just to check everything was ok and the sonographer has said he could see a yolk sac and a tiny baby but its size was as it should be at 5 weeks and not 8 and he couldnt see a heart beat.

He asked me repeatedly if my dates could be wrong and whilst i know when my last period was this was one of the only months i didnt track ovulation. Im absolutely devastated.

I have to wait 2 weeks for another scan and if there is no growth it will be confirmed as a missed miscarriage as iv had no bleeding or miscarriage signs at all.

This two weeks is the hardest thing iv had to go through. Im trying to prepare for the worst but every now and then a "what if everything is ok" thought pops into my head and its torture.

My pregnancy symptoms seem to come and go but honestly i cant tell anymore if iv morning sickness or im sick from the stress. I cant even take comfort from pregnancy symptoms because of course ill still have them if its a missed miscarriage

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  • Hi hun, I had the same happen to me a few days ago. I had my 7 week scan on Wednesday and they said they could see the sac, but there was no heart beat. My sac only measured at 5 weeks, so it looks like it stopped growing then. I had an medicated FET, so there was no chance that my dates could have been wrong, so I have been told to stop the drugs and prepare for a miscarriage, which I am still waiting to have. I'm hoping there is some radical growth for your baby and at your next scan you see a heart beat, but you need to prepare yourself just incase. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally as we've been through so much, but this is something that you still might need to deal with . .big hugs xx

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