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Hello ladies,

I have been reading this site and finally decided to post my own story. I have got some problems, but there is no one to share with…and I do hope you, girls, are those who can understand me. I really need your support and advices.

In the late 90s I got married to a nice guy, who I thought was my one and only, but I was wrong… In fact, he was cheating on me all the time right behind my back. I was exhausted 27 years old female and as it was my first marriage I tried to save it but it’s only me who did. 24/7 arguments, nerves, tears and all that stuff made me feel depressed. Soon he left me, but I wasn’t alone as his last present was chlamydia. The infection became more serious and caused pelvic inflammatory disease. Of course, there is a treatment but I was warned that some problems with pregnancy may be occurred.

Now I am 45 and I’m not able to get pregnant yet...My new husband wants to have children and he’s even ready to adopt one, but you know, I want to have my own kid. I found out about IVF procedure with DE and it seems to me quite attractive. But I’m a bit scared and confused. What if it won’t give any results? I know it costs a lot but what about guarantees? I’d like to have some advices from those, who have experience.

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  • Just wanted to wish you all the best with yr search and further treatment x

  • Thank you!! It means a big deal to me! x

  • I haven't started my IVF journey yet but once they have done all the necessary checks they can give you a rough idea of success rate. Nothing in life is guaranteed but some things are worth the risk. I wish you all the best in your journey :-). My aunt had bad scarring after my uncle had unknowingly given her an STD he had from a previous relationship and there was no symptoms until they tried for kids and due to issues they found the scarring. She had IVF and managed have a little boy. Think positive x

  • thank you for the supportive reply! I know that it's hard to get guarantees though I still hope to find a place where is a quite high success rate or a refund program...

    I'm glad taht your aunt overcame that unpleasant obstacle, such bright examples of ivf success five me hope. thank you! x

  • if you want to compare clinics' success rates, check out eggdonationfriends com, they offer very helpful comparison tool and list lots of overseas ivf clinics. x

  • Thank you! it's really great resource, finally I could find the essential information about the places I'm ineterested in. xx

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