Sadly its the end of the road for this cycle :(

So the all important call came in this morning as DH and I were preparing to go to work and sadly the embryo did not make it. We are so devastated it did not work 1st time but what scares me is that I haven't shed a tear since I heard the news. DH and I went to the office as normal, I laughed with my colleagues, I received another call from the clinic for follow-up,even treated DH to eat out for dinner - my question is, is this normal? I am usually teary but less than 12 hours after hearing such news and I am already thinking of the next step.

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  • Aw Me, sorry to hear your news. Maybe it will hit you in a few days, but sounds like you have a realistic view on the situation. Don't dwell on the past, focus on the future xxx good luck for next time xxx

  • thanks baby2016, I am really an emotional person but this surprised me xx

  • Hello I had a embryo transfer a month ago and within a week mis carried I am usually not very emotional and with the baby situation I am what will be will be sort it's more my hubby that is if we don't have children it will be the end of our lives ...I cried alot when I had the test which turned out negative ...All I would say it could be the hormones ..I am fine now bit still dwelling do I want to go through all this again ...I have yet to go on my follow up appointment ...Don't worry it will happen we were laughing and joking a couple of hours later we went out for lunch I guess it's normal what matters is that you have the best support around you .. and yes you need to talk I guess this is the best place to be ...take care much love xx

  • Thanks a lot. Yes my husband was swearing all the way and I just kept a straight face. Like a minute into his swearing rampage he hugged me and said everything will be alright. Having children is a must for me, I can't even imagine a future without them :) #puppyface

  • One more thing I am a bit confused do we get another chance on the nhs I have only had a cycle and no frown embryo or do I need to go private does anyone know this I still have a month till the follow up x

  • I think this depends on how many chances you get on the nhs. We only get one go and since this has been used up it has been suggested we go with DE.

  • To be honest, sometimes it hits you and sometimes it doesn't.

    I think most of us are used to disappointment after not getting pregnant and having to go through IVF. It's almost like our head is programmed for bad news and that makes it easier to deal with!

  • I may have to agree with you Hollibob, I have never seen my BFP ever! I only see other ladies' :) anyway I know that some day soon it will happen for us xxx

  • will happen!!

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