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Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

Hello I’m looking for abit of advice. I’m sexually active at the moment and my last period started on the 15th of March.

I had unprotected sex on the 26th of March and at that time my body was in ovulation but it wasn’t the actual day by body was ovulating if that makes sense.

The days in red are my period days and the ones with blue are the ovulating days and the one with the circle is the day my body ovulated but I did not have sex on that day.

Is there a chance I could be pregnant and if there is when shall I take a pregnancy test that will be 1000% accurate?

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You already know by now the outcome... but I hope what I"ll write next will help you understand the whole process better and be more precautious. I guess this is a screenshot of the ovulation calculator app. I hope you know they are not 100% accurate unless your cycles are a clockwork. Are they really a clockwork? Also, even if it's always been a clockwork there's no guarantee that it cannot go hayward all of a sudden and without a warning...especially if you're on those explicitly fertile years. The sperms stay alive and viable for up to minimum 3 days in the female reproductive tract. So, even if it's not the same day you ovulated some of the leftover sperms can still get you pregnant if you happen to ovulate within the 3-day window. In the scenario, you put forward there is equal chances for both... better avoid relying on the day keeping as effective contraceptive method.


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