Which DE IVF program to choose??

Hello, all lovely ladies here! I wonder how many of you out there passed or are passing de ivf? If there are some, please we need your opinion.

Here are the de programs offered by Biotexcom fertility clinic in Ukraine.

1 attempt - ECONOMY - 4900 euro in 1 installment after you sign the contract. In case selective reduction is needed we will be charged 1000 euro additionally.

2 attempts - DOUBLE - 6900 euro in 2 equal installments. Selective reduction is covered by the package price.

5 attempts - GUARANTEED SUCCESS - 9900 euro in 2 equal installments. In case of 5 negatives they refund the money paid. Selective reduction is covered by the package price as well.

Every package covers:

1. Medical treatment (It goes like they're working according to the leading treatment plans. Proved being efficient, and that allows them not to have age limit for egg donation programs).

2. Egg donor fee (donor base contains more than 300 young (not older than 27) with proven fertility). Every donor has at least one healthy child of her own.

3. Medications needed.

4. Services of the manager in charge of the program.

5. Accommodation.

6. Meals.

7. Transportations.

What do you think about these things in the whole? What would you ask additionally while defining the date for initial app?

Many thanks in advance!

2 Replies

  • Hi, I would go for option#3. Look, if you'll need selective reduction in option#1, you'll pay the same almost the same as in option#2, but this last one gives you 2 shots to conceive. So, I think number1 isn't really attractive one. Here it comes between choosing among other two. Here you should think well whether your and your partner's diagnosis allows you the chance of conceiving with only two attempts. I'd not count on mine actually, so I'm for option#3. Besides in case of failures they'll return you money (God bless no!). On the other hand if it worked out I'd not care much about the extra expense really!

    So here is the point. I wish you good luck with everything whatever your decision will be. Hugs, dear x

  • Hello girls! I'm currently in the program with biotexcom too. We've chosen package for €9.900. I don't want to risk this time. As I've mentioned already we had already have treatments and ivf. Nothing brought result. Even if all 5 tries fail, at least we'll get our money back. But I try my best to stay positive and I hope that we'll get pregnant. I should say it's very hard for me not to nervous and not to think about failure after our previous experience... I'm sorry I won't tell about the procedure right now, I'm afraid I can flush out my luck... I'll just say a few words about the clinic and the services. To be honest I can't say everything was perfect. There were many people, halls were full. Lines were long and we were waiting for our turn to meet with our doctor for a couple of hours. Our manager/interpreter was busy because she had to translate for many couples. Also our accommodation wasn't fancy as it shown on their website. Our manager told us it's because there are many couples and it's hard to give all of us fancy villas. We were in Ukraine on summer. I guess that was a season for the clinic. But it's fine, we went there not for stylish apartment anyway. It was comfy and that's enough) We were also met in the airport. We had free cab. But really, lines were so exhausting, so everyone who is gonna go there, be prepared for waiting. I wish you good luck!

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