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Well, here goes 2ww begins today against all odds

Well, here goes 2ww begins today against all odds


Mixed news today some good some not so.

The three they defrosted on Thursday are still alive but really slow.

They are keeping them another 48 hours to see what happens but said more for protocol than anything else.

The three defrosted yesterday are all OK, there is one really poor and two OK.

The two that are OK have 7-8 cells which is fine for the stage they are at but it ask depends how they carry on developing, if they carry on.

They said it's a B and a C at the moment.

They gave us a 30% chance.

They have only put those 2 back as the third one would not serve any purpose.

He said it's not impossible and that today's are better than yesterday's which is something.

I don't know how I feel. Im kind of resigned to it now.

I feel that at least if they do more testing and can resolve the development issues for another try, are willing to give it another try, and the extraction is under anaesthetic then I can deal with it.

I know I sound pessimistic but I need to be realistic with what we have, I don't have a crystal ball to see how they are in the next 24 hours🍀

We are hoping and praying🙏🏻💕🐣💕🙏🏻💕🐣💕🙏🏻

Hubby is amazing, I couldn't love anyone anymore than I love him. He's everything to me, together we can get through this either way❤

Good luck to you all whatever stage you're at. And thanks for being true super heroes :)

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Best of luck to you xx

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Oh best of luck to you petal. Glad to hear too that your DH is supportive and the best, we'd be lost without them. I hope everything goes very well for you's both. Thinking of you and will say a prayer xxx

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Best of luck to you x

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Thanks girls, you're the best


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