Spotting at 5 weeks


I'm just over 5weeks but have been getting some very light brown spotting the last few days. I'm using the pessaries so not sure if this could be causing it. I'm worried though and think i should probably call the clinic tomorrow to see what they say. has anyone else experience of this using the pessaries? How worried should I be? My scan isn't for another ten days yet.

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  • Hi, to call your clinic is just the best thing here. I have never experienced such a fact, sorry. So have nothing concrete to say on this point. But I'd worry much if I faced it. Probably because I've always been an anxious person.. I believe any spotting isn't good in the process. Whether it is caused by the pessaries or not. Have a consultation anyway.

    Strong hugs.

  • I rang the clinic and they said it was very normal and probably just the hormones. She said you only need to worry if it turns to bright red and I get cramping.

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