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Viability scan done and we saw 2 little heart beats 🥰❤️

One baby is measuring 7 weeks 3 days. The other baby 7 weeks. The nurse mentioned one sack is a little smaller so just need to go back next week for another scan but everything looks good so far🤞🙏

Feeling happy and hope everything will go smoothly from here🙏🤞

Feeling so emotional. IVF has been the hardest thing me and my wife have ever gone through but seeing our little babies heart beating today on the screen made every tear and heartbreak worth this moment

Best of luck to everyone else on this journey. Us ladies are warriors x

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Congratulations!!! This is such fantastic news 💚 🌺xx

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Hope_1234 in reply to luckysb

Thank you 🥰x

Wow 🤩 congratulations on your twins, wishing you all the best best with your pregnancy enjoy every moment of it

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Hope_1234 in reply to Sweethear

Thank you, we are so happy❤️x

Yay, twins!!! 🌈🌈

Congratulations, it’s such an emotional rollercoaster isn’t it! I heard our babies heartbeats for the first time yesterday and it was so beautiful 💗💗

Best of luck for a smooth first trimester and rest of pregnancy 🍀🍀 xx

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Hope_1234 in reply to XOXO13

Awww I bet that was an amazing feeling. I can't wait for that ❤️

Thank you 🥰xx

🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😭🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 best post ever! Congratulations 🥳 💐💐💐💐💐💐🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Hope_1234 in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you so much lovely and congratulations to you xx

Awww brilliant news! Congratulations! 🥰

Thank you 🥰x

Yay!! This is absolutely amazing news. Congratulations to you both 🥰 x

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Hope_1234 in reply to RMA2020

Awww thank you so much x

Awww lovely news!! Huge Congratulations.💗💗🥰🤗😘🥳xxx

Thank you lovely 🥰❤️ we will be joining the twin club xx


That's amazing. Congratulations. Xx

Thank you xx

Oh wow that's amazing news. Biggest congratulations to you both 🥳 Huge milestone passed 😊 Xx

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Hope_1234 in reply to Jess1981

I know we are so happy to have got to this milestone. Thank you, I hope your well x

Fantastic news, huge congratulations xx

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Hope_1234 in reply to GoonerT

Thank you x

Congratulations to you both. Beautiful news x

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Hope_1234 in reply to Wedding10

Thank you 💗x

Congratulations 🥳👏 2 days between them is fine, we also had the same on our 7 week scan. They still have 2 days until now but it is completely normal. So happy for you ❤️🤗

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Hope_1234 in reply to Ranchu90

Thank you. I've just sent you a PM 🥰xx

Aww twins! Congratulations! All the best for a smooth pregnancy x

Thank you 🥰🥰

Congratulations! How lovley after all you have been through to get to stage ❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

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Hope_1234 in reply to KLADY123

Thank you, I know all worth it in the end 🥰xx

Absolutely delighted for you!! Twins are the dream!! Massive congrats and hope you’re well! X

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Hope_1234 in reply to RecipIVF

Thank you so much lovely 🥰 omg I know, We were in shock but over the moon❤️I hope your both keeping well xx

Wowwwww congratulations 😘😘😘 I hope you will have a good sleep tonight, lookafter your self,so happy for you xxx

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Hope_1234 in reply to ashalez

Thank you lovely. Awww yes I'll definitely sleep well tonight. I have scan next Thursday to make sure baby number 2 is growing and catches up 🤞🙏 Xx

Huge congratulations twins is just the cherry on top ❤️ Wishing you a healthy pregnancy x

Awwww I know, it hasn't fully sunk in yet.Thank you lovely 💗x

Congratulations on 👯‍♀️ twins!!! 🎉

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Hope_1234 in reply to

I know. My wife is also a twin she has always dreamed about having twins so it feels like fate for us 💖🙏x

in reply to Hope_1234

Awwwwwww it was meant to be. Looks like DCDA twins but it will be confirmed at your dating scan. Congratulations 🎉 again so happy for you 😊xx

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Hope_1234 in reply to

Awww what does that mean? Could they have picked that up in this scan at 7 weeks?

Thanks lovely. Ive got another scan booked for a week Thursday as one of the babies sacs was measuring a little smaller but the babies are measuring very close in size though. One babies measuring 9.3mm the other 11.8mm

So they want to double check and be on the safe side.

I am very nervous, i hope both babies will be seen next week 🤞🙏xx

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Congrats on your great news- twins .There is a site that can help you on the rest of your journey- Fertility Network group just for those who are pregnant after fertility issues There is a closed Facebook group that holds mthly meetings- you can find the FB group here Network Pregnancy Support


Thank you. I have just requested to join that group on Facebook😊x

Amazing news, congrats to you both! Xx

Thanks so much lovely xx

That's so lovely x

Congratulations to you both on your twins!!! Wonderful news 🥰 wishing you all the best for the rest of the pregnancy!

That’s lovely news ! congratulations double joy 🥰 wishing you all the best xx

Amazing news, so happy for you xx 🥰

Twins!!! Doubly wonderful!!! Many congratulations to you both 🤩🥰 xx

Love this 🥰🥰🥰

Congratulations 🎉😘 xx

I'm delighted for you!! I bet that was a huge relief! Massive congratulations, best news ever xxx

Wow huge congratulations!!! What a lovely double miracle. All the best 💕

Wahoo a massive congratulations to you both! 🥳😍

Wow! This is amazing news! A massive congratulations 🥳 🎉

Huge congratulations!! ❤❤

Congratulations, amazing news xx

Congratulations xx

Fantastic news!!! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy

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