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Viability scan - 7 weeks - **sensitive**


**sensitive post**

Hey everyone,

We had our 7 week viability scan yesterday. After having an empty sac at this point with our previous IVF pregnancy, I was an absolute nervous wreak going in.

It’s still super early days of course but to our complete surprise both our embryos have implanted and have heartbeats ☺️

One measures exactly to date, the other measures a few days behind with a smaller sac. The clinic says this is quite normal but as it’s two they’ve suggested we go back in 2 weeks for another pregnancy scan to see what’s going on in there. Just hope everything will be ok!

This was our 3rd go at IVF. Hope this gives hope to anyone who has had bad news at their viability scan, I know how heartbreaking it is.


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Aww congrats that’s lovely ☺️ 🥰

Peanutchips in reply to Cmc2020

Thanks lovely xx

Yayy! I’m so so glad to hear this peanut! And two as well 🥰 congratulations lovely, you so deserve it after all you’ve had to go through xxxx

Ahh thanks Penguin! I can’t wait to see your BFP on here soon. Do you have a date for starting your FET? Xx

Oh thank you lovely, I hope so too but if I’m being honest I’m feeling quite down in the dumps for the FET. Not sure why but hope I can get myself out of it!

I have my nurse consultation tomorrow so will know then about timelines but my period hasn’t even shown up yet - I’m currently day 34! My last failed cycle, my first normal period showed up on time with some spotting in between but it’s being v all over the place this time! Sorry just venting!

Hope you’re relaxing and taking it easy! Keep growing those little buns 🥰 xxx

Oh lovely, can totally understand. I always feel a sense of dread starting a new cycle. You’re putting your hopes out there again and it’s scary. FETs are easier on the body though so it might be just what you need to get success. My cycles are always all over the place due to pcos, sometimes they put me on the pill for 15 days to bring it on. Hopefully yours will come soon though. I’m rooting for you Penguin! Xxx

That’s amazing! So pleased for you 😍

Peanutchips in reply to Goldie24

So happy to see your two lines too! Xx

Goldie24 in reply to Peanutchips

Thank you, still in shock. My lines are darker than the control line now and HCG is more than doubling which is reassuring. I just can’t believe it worked after this amount of time and the month after my failed transfer 🤯 x

Peanutchips in reply to Goldie24

Oh great! Yes that’s an awesome sign if stronger than the control lines! Hehe, nature works is strange ways. And lovely to know you have your embryos safely waiting if / when you wanna come back for a sibling! 😊 xx

Delighted for you! That’s absolutely lovely news 🤗 xxx

Peanutchips in reply to Twiglet2

Thanks so much Twiglet! Hope your little one is doing well in there xx

Wow wow wow thats such fantastic news! I'm so happy for you. Early days, but a great start to the next stage of your journey. Wow twins! So many twins at the moment. Xx

Thanks so much London Lady! Hope your 3rd trimester is going well 😊 xx

Ah what a lovely surprise to see two 😍 congratulations lovely. So happy for you xxx

Peanutchips in reply to CLDxxx

Aww thanks so much CLD! You must be nearing the end now? Hope you’re doing well! Xx

CLDxxx in reply to Peanutchips

Thanks lovely. Yes 34 weeks this Thursday 🙈 can’t believe it! 🤗xxx

hifer in reply to CLDxxx

Love this 💕💕xx

CLDxxx in reply to hifer

Thank you Hifer. Wishing you so much luck with your 2ww xxx

Aw such wonderful news ✨✨ congratulations xxxx

Peanutchips in reply to XOXO13

Thanks lovely, got everything crossed for your 2ww! 🤞🏻 xx

Yay congrats lovely penut ❤️ I haven't posted for a while but have been looking out for your update. My heart could burst for you. xx

Peanutchips in reply to Sas1101

Aww that’s so lovely sas. Just goes to show that every pregnancy is different. I hope you’re doing really well and I look forward to seeing your good news soon! Xx

I am 8 week pregnant with a blighted ovum now 😢 you really give me hope to try again .. cause I am afraid of having an empty sac again

Sparklylife in reply to Shaza89

Oh I am so sorry for your loss Shaza89 .

Sas1101 in reply to Shaza89

I'm so sorry Shaaza. I had a blighted ovum diagnosed before Xmas. My inbox is open if you need to chat or have any questions. Big hugs. Xxx

Shaza89 in reply to Sas1101

Thank you for your kindness ❤️❤️

Peanutchips in reply to Shaza89

Oh Shaza. I am so so sorry. It’s such a heartbreaking thing to go through. Please message me if you want to chat or have any questions at all. Sending lots of hugs to you at the moment xxx

Congratulations Peanutchips 🥰 that is lovely news, so happy for you! Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy! ☺️

Thanks Sparklylife 😊 Do you have your scan soon? All the best! 🤞🏻 xx

I had my scan at 7w +1 - all looked well - good heartbeat 🥰 I will be 10 weeks tomorrow 🤞🤞🤞 Just hoping it is all still going well!

Ah fab news!! 😁🤞🏻 xxx

Fantastic news peanut dear! ❤️Really happy for you! Take care of yourself and your babies 😍😍😍😍😍Xx

Thanks so much cookie! 🍪😊 How are you getting on? Xxx

I’m ok, trying to keep sane 🙈😂bean is growing so keeping my fingers crossed we make it to the 12 weeks scan (which will be 13 really lol) ❤️❤️❤️How are you feeling? Xx

Aww everything crossed for you!! I feel very sick most of the time but so happy, it’s doesn’t matter. What about you? Xx

Thanks hun 🤞🏻❤️Same here, sick all the time and soooo tired! Try get as much rest as you can, it’s supposed to help with nausea! Xx

Yes I’ve definitely noticed that too. It’s worse if I’ve had bad nights sleep. Also, never let yourself get too hungry! That helps me! Xx

Yay! So pleased to hear this peanutchips! Two as well!! Amazing news! Many congratulations and all the best for a smooth, non-eventful pregnancy xxx

Thanks so much Lovemylion! I look forward to seeing your good news on here soon 😊 xxx

Huge congratulations, it’s lovely seeing success after a long journey. I’ve read your previous post about spotting , I too had a lot between week 5 and 8, it really does make you feel like it’s all over doesn’t it. I bet you’re still trying to get your head around the fact you’re having twins. Even though we put 2 back (our final 2 Frosties) I still didn’t actually believe we would be blessed with twins due to 3 previous failures. It’s great that you’re having another scan in 2 weeks. I’m anxiously awaiting my nuchal scan on 27th. Best of luck to you and your babies xx

Peanutchips in reply to Savs

Thanks so much for this Savs. Yes exactly the same situation here. We’d had two previous failures (BFN, empty sac) and one that didn’t survive the thaw. We’d also done loads of clomid cycles / IUI before that and never got pregnant so this was quite the surprise!! I know it’s early days so I’m trying not to take it for granted but 🥰 Thanks for the words about spotting, it really is scary to see. Has it stopped for you now? I hope everything goes really well for you on the 27th. Let us know how you get on xxx

Savs in reply to Peanutchips

Enjoy the feeling , early days or not, you deserve it. Keep the positive vibes going. Your babies will be fine :) Yes our journeys along with so many other women on here are definitely hard. I find this site so relatable, I can’t believe I’ve only recently came across it. Yes last bleed was 8+2. Hopefully the end of it. Thanks I will let you know how I get on and will look out for your updates xxx

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. It definitely does give hope to others. I had a blighted ovum on our first ivf round. I can imagine how nervous you was this time round . You must be so happy, enjoy every moment. Xx

Peanutchips in reply to Jokiekin

Thanks so much Jokiekin! I’m so sorry you also had a blighted ovum. Is really is horrible because you feel so pregnant, it’s like your body playing a cruel trick on you. Hope you’re doing ok and everything crossed for your letrozole cycle! 🤞🏻 xx

Jokiekin in reply to Peanutchips

Yes your right, nature can be cruel at times. I’m good thanks, three follicles grew with this letrozole cycle but estrogen level indicates one egg, let’s hope it a good one xx

Congratulations!! What a wonderful sight that must have been!xx

Thanks so much lovely! Everything crossed for your test day 🤞🏻 xx

Fantastic, another milestone reached. Congratulations and double trouble too 🎉 xx

Thanks BlueJeans! How are you feeling? Do you have a scan to see your lil ones again soon? Xx

Hey, next one is 12 weeks. Not long to go and still feeling completely normal other than tiredness 🥴. Trying to take my own advice and just relax and enjoy it. I have to keep reminding myself that seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks is a big milestone xx

Oh yes, the tiredness! 🥴 Oh yeah seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks is great. Relax and enjoy it - good advice! xx

Oh my goodness!! So happy for you ❤️ how exciting xxxx

Peanutchips in reply to KiboXX

Hehe! Thanks sooo much Kibo! 😊 xxx

yay! big congratulations peanut! i wish you a very smooth journey😘😘

Thanks lovely! You must have your scan soon too? Good luck! Xx

yea on the 19th (tuesday) is my scan, been so sick, can’t seem to keep any food down which makes me weak thereafter. i just keep wondering what’s going on inside me🥴

Oh lovely, that’s horrible. I know how you feel. Have you tried ice cream? I find it easy to eat and settles my nausea a bit. Also plain crisps and sparkling water. Stay hydrated as much as you can xxx

you are like the 4th person talking about icecream helping, i so want to try it but i am lactose intolerant🥴...will try crisps and sparkling water to see how it goes.thank you for the tip hun😘

Oh no, try vegan ice cream? Loads of the stuff about now! Hope it passes soon lovely xxx

Aww congratulations that’s great news . Wishing you all the best with the pregnancy hope your feeling ok xx

Thanks so much lovely xxx

Fab news 💞 Congratulations xx

Thanks lovely, hope your little one is doing well ❤️ xx

Aww this is such wonderful news. I'm so happy for you xxx

Thanks Italy, hope you’re doing good. When is your next scan? Xx

We booked a 10 week reassurance scan friday, and all is going fine so far 🤞🙏 just waiting for my nhs 12 week to come through. I hope these next few weeks go well for you lovely, you deserve this! Xx

Amazing news! Xx

Thanks Bunnys! Xx

That is fantastic news! how wonderful xxx

Peanutchips in reply to Maui2020

Thanks so much Maui! I look forward to seeing your good news soon! Xx

Massive congratulations!If it helps one of my twins measured exactly as he should and the other twins sac was half the size and she was a couple of days behind. I drank loads and loads of water as heart that could help the sac and 3 weeks later things had evened up loads. One twin has measured small all the way through the pregnancy but doctors were happy she was just fling her own thing and growing consistently x

Oh thanks so much for this lovely! Especially when you’ve just delivered your babies, really appreciate you taking the time to write. Yes that does reassure me lots. Bit worried about one of our sacs being so much smaller, just got to hope for the best. Will drink loads of water! Do you know when you’ll all get to go home? Xx

Huge congratulations lovely very pleased to see this 💗😘

Thanks lovely, hope you’re doing well xx

This is such wonderful news ❤️. Really happy for you xx

Thanks Pebbles! 😊 Good luck with your next scan xxx

Lovely to see your post!!🥰xxx

Hehe, thanks Cinders! 🥰 xx

💕 amazing news, so happy for you xx

Peanutchips in reply to Solly-44

Thanks Solly 😊xx

Lovely news!

Yayyy! That's amazing 👏 😍 congratulations you deserved this I hope you will have healthy and happy pregnancy xxxx

Peanutchips in reply to ashalez

Thanks lovely! Xx

Lovely news hun xx

Congratulations 🙏xx

Aw Peanuts 🥜!! That is such wonderful news. Wel done lovely. 💐💐

Peanutchips in reply to Mimisami

Thanks so much Mimisami! 😊 xx

Just reading this now and having a wee cry of relief for you . Best news ever 👏🏻😘😘😘😘😘💐💐💐💐💐 bless

You sweet pet 🙏🏻😘💐💐💐💐

Peanutchips in reply to RhinoCat

Awww thanks so much RhinoCat!! 😊 Everything crossed for your upcoming FET 🤞🏻xxx

Awww, yaaaay 🙌 I missed this update when reading back to catch up. Twins 🥰 congratulations! Xx

Peanutchips in reply to LizzieBW

Thanks so much Lizzie! 🥰 xxx

Yay congrats, so happy for you! 😘 x

Thanks lovely xx

Congratulations 💓wishing you all the best for your next milestones! xx

Peanutchips in reply to AS100

Thanks so much lovely xx

Congratulations lovely!! So excited for you. Really hope both keep growing nicely. Lots of love to you xx

Thanks so much Millbanks! Everything crossed for you next transfer xxx

Thanks lovely. Prepping now and feeling cautiously optimistic! Xxx

Congratulations hun, amazing news xx

Congratulations!!! What amazing news!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Only just seen your post peanutchips and this is lovely news 😃🥰 congratulations lovely. You so deserve it xx

Ahh thanks so much lovely. How are you? Xxx

I’m doing really well thank you. Took a well needed break and about to start another fresh cycle next week so feeling cautiously optimistic! Just in a similar predicament as you had mentioned in one of your previous posts whether or not to transfer two embryos but after seeing your lovely news I’m thinking why not 😃 wishing you and your too little bambino’s all the best 🥰❤️ Xxx

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