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Round 2 here we go


Cycle day 1 is here, which means tomorrow night will be time to start injecting - anyone else starting short protocol round about now? I'm feeling super apprehensive about this second round after our MC in March, but also very aware that I've now turned 41 and we need to get on with it. Aargh. At least I know that this time we've had my hubby on a round of hormone medication that we didn't previously know he needed, and we're both absolutely rattling with supplements and have barely eaten a teaspoon of sugar or anything else naughty since June... Please send good vibes everyone! xxxx

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I’m 41 too. We’re likely starting in a few days as period due on 4th. We had a failed cycle in August.

Sending good vibes xx

LCharlton in reply to JenRoy

You too!! I was due on 3rd but started today, my cycles keep being short lately. Let me know how you get on xx

Best wishes. Also 41and hoping to have double frozen transfer this month. Good luck to us all 💖💖

Hope that all goes ahead well for you, wishing you lots of luck xx

Sending sooooo many good vibes and cheerleading you daily from the sidelines with pom poms and everything!! keep us updated xx

LCharlton in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you, beauty xx

Just wanted to wish you loads of luck! Its always hard after a loss but you will manage, we find the strength from

Thank you!! You definitely have a massive hidden strength pocket, hoping I can pull mine out too xx

Not sure where it comes from but it does!xx

Hi LCharlton, well done for taking the chance on having a little miracle!. I am 43 starting meds on the 16th of October so happy to have a buddy. Short protocol too. I previously have had 1 failed round so really hoping this works this time. GOODLUCK!! YOU GOT THIS!

LCharlton in reply to Pittapatta

Thank you!! Good luck to you too xx

Good vibes and positivity to you lovely. Goodluck xxx

LCharlton in reply to Mimisami

Thanks lovely xx

Best of luck for this cycle. Sounds like you are being incredibly good! Don't think I could have got through this without sugar! I'm very impressed. First injection is the hardest! All the best. xxx

LCharlton in reply to ttcemmie

The sugar has clearly done you zero harm, so made up about your brilliant news! Thanks lovely xx

All the good vibes coming your way! You’ve got this 💪🏻❤️ xxx

LCharlton in reply to KiboXX

Thank you!!!! Still smiling about your gorgeous photo xx

KiboXX in reply to LCharlton

Awww thank you 😊 She’s pretty bloody amazing 🥰

Good luck lovely!! I should be starting on Saturday this week on short protocol too, just waiting on AF. Can't bloody wait! xx

LCharlton in reply to Chel91

Ahhh, cycle buddy!!! Here we go, wishing you loads of luck too xx

All the good vibes and positivity to you!!!

I'll also possibly be transferring two for our next try (FET) xxx

LCharlton in reply to Sas1101

Ah brilliant, good luck!! xx

Love and hugs to ya brave one 😘💐🙏🏻

LCharlton in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you, super brave lady xx

Lots of good vibes sent your way. Let me know how you get on lovely. Xxxx

LCharlton in reply to L400ynd

Thank you!!! And thanks so much for the support last time xx

Fingers and toes crossed for you 🤞🏻✨🤞🏻✨🤞🏻 I’m starting Short protocol tomorrow. Let’s hope this is our time 💪🏻✨🤞🏻Xx

Hurrah, we're at exactly the same time!! Here's hoping, fingers all the way crossed for you too xx

I have just started my injections today , also rattling with supplements !! Let me know how everything goes and feel free to private message me :)

LCharlton in reply to JaneHaley

You too!! Lovely to have a gang of us starting at the same time, wishing you loads of luck xx

JaneHaley in reply to LCharlton

And to you xx

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