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Blighted ovum????

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Anybody could help me with this situation???

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Hi sorry only joined this eve but I had a blighted ovum last year if I can be any help ..


I had blighted ovum what would you like help or advice with? X

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Jade3 in reply to romaluna2015

Did you bleed? X

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romaluna2015 in reply to Jade3

Yes very heavy for a week . Was like a heavy period but a continuous one x

Hi. How quickly did your period return after the bleed?

Around a month after . Quite quickly , but took 5 months to fall pregnant again . That became the routine have the kids and then fall pregnant again after 5 months. The blighted ovum was my last loss. X

Thank you. I had it too last month. So traumatic. Clinic said I do not have to wait for my period to return to do another FET, so I am on estrogen now (extended), and then will start progesterone if lining is thick enough. I am a little concerned about starting before return of cycle, but they assure me it is okay to do.

Although I didn’t have medical assistance in the form of IVF or ICSI I did have clomid . Wishing you all the luck in the world . Miracles can happen every day x

Hi Twobaby. I had never heard of it until the sonographer told me at my 6-week scan. Empty gestational sac. Apparently it is a relatively common occurrence. Your post is from three years ago. I hope you were able to carry on to success in your journey.

Alhamdulillah...Iam currently nine months pregnant now...😊's after a long time but... happiness is always a happiness no matter how late

😊 💃What lovely news!!! Worth the wait. Very happy for you.

Wishes for all the blessings of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah.

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