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At last we have started πŸ’‰

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Well today I started my injections πŸ’‰ when I came out the appointment I cried πŸ™ˆ all I have been doing the past week is crying πŸ˜‚ has anyone else been like this ? Xxx

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Yes definitely, I think you wait so long that I felt when I started injections something was actually happening! Good luck 😊 xx

Kay_x in reply to Star9

Thank you xxxx

I was exactly the same - best of luck to you 🀞

Kay_x in reply to lucylob

Thank you xxxx

Omg yes. Hormones + needles + unfamiliar medical process, who wouldn't cry! Just try to take time out for yourself and know that its temporary. I had to stay home "sick" from work a few times so I didn't cry in a meeting or yell at someone at work lol. I just watched tv all day. Exercise is good too, even just a walk around the block.

Kay_x in reply to Beari

Am a crying mess right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚xxx

Beari in reply to Kay_x

Oh no!! Big hugs. Xx

Definitely the summing up of my first ever cycle. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s all very new and lots to take in xx

Kay_x in reply to emu2016

Thank you xxx

My goodness, I was exactly like this.

Think we wait so long to get here its a mix of natural emotions, fake hormones & the thought of jabbing yourself in the tummy for the next 3 bloomin weeks!!

You got this girl, put your big girl pants on and crack on. You'll be amazing.


Kay_x in reply to 123Jwp

Thank you xxxz

We started last night. Thought that we were going to be facing another delay but we got the call to go ahead and then felt nervous all day about the needles. Amazing to be past Go at last! Xx

Kay_x in reply to deborahclaire

Ano feels real now how you getting on ?xxx

deborahclaire in reply to Kay_x

It hasn’t been too bad so far. Feeling very tired but have been v busy so not sure it’s connected.

Hope all is going well for you. X

Kay_x in reply to deborahclaire

Aww am really tired aswell xxx

Thank you xxxx

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