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Hi I am 28 my husband and I will be having ivf in the next few months , he will have micro tease surgery first and if sperm is found we’re using it- if not we will be using donor sperm.

My fertility is normal - I’m hoping once a fertilised egg is implanted all will be good??

Any stories or info relating to this situation would be much appreciated thanks!!

April 2018

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We're in the same situation. We got a good amount of sperm which we were thankful for, and then started on ivf. Our first round didnt work, and we are halfway through second round which went better and we have 7 embryos in the freezer and will do a frozen embryo transfer soon. I found it alot to get my head around at first, so many "ifs". It's definitely good to take it one step at a time and try not to have any expectations (easier said than done haha). Because I also have normal fertility I had high expectations the first time and felt very low when it didnt work. Whereas I now know that it can sometimes take more than one cycle even if everythings hunky dory. You're younger than me though, so a higher chance of it working first time. Good luck! Keep us posted.


That’s great news I hope you get what you want!... not long until you find out either 😍 please keep me updated on your situation.

Yes jumping ahead is a terrible thing but I think way ahead with any situation never mind something as complex as this 😱 xxxxxx

Fingers crossed for you xxxx


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