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Disappointing scan

Following last weeks update where all sorts of things were happening and my lining results were not good I made the decision to cancel my flights to the clinic as there was a high probability the day before the scheduled transfer (which should have been today) they would have had to cancel.

So I have stayed on meds for another 5 days and went for a scan yesterday to find no change. Like nada nada. I am very disappointed. I just need some growth and an extra mm - grrr.

So back for a scan on Monday and if nothing at all has changed again then we stop medication and will need to start all over again. I have been on various meds for the last three months with pill cycles. mock cycles the real cycle. Feeling a bit low about it all.

I know how important it is to get a good lining though and I guess I need to be more patient. In all the previous 9 cycles I have never been in this position.

Good luck to all those ladies out there. I hope I will either be still in the game on Monday or joining a few of you when we get going again.

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Good luck to you xx

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Awww gutted for you! I know how frustrating this is, especially when you're doing absokutely everything you can!😣 Sending massive hugs lovely & really hoping you see a change at next scan!xx


Thanks hun.

Appreciate your support.

It will be what it will be. Let's see what Monday and beyond brings.


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