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3 failed attempts so Spain for IVF?

After 3 failed attempts in this country we are looking at travelling to Spain for treatment. I wondered about peoples experience doing this and how long I have to take off work to complete the treatment. Thought this would be a less stressful and we could get a holiday at the same time without worry of getting back to work.

I usually go on the short protocol (works the best for me)...


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Hi jolo146. Thought you might like to read our factsheet about this. Good luck. Diane



Im off abroad soon but not to Spain. Like you I think the holiday and more relaxed atmosphere will do me good. Sorry cant help with the length of your stay as I dont know much about short protocol but the clinics if you contact a few Im sure will keep you right on enquiry! Best of luck!xx


Your stay would normally range between 1-3 weeks.


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