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2ww crazies starting already?

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Tomorrow is my nephew's 3rd birthday so I have been to visit with his card and present with my husband.

He was born at 27 weeks and has come so far. I will never forgot that day. I was there at his birth.

His development has been a little slow and has only started talking recently. Just watching him fills me with pride.

We were Sat in the lounge playing when all of a sudden he said my husband's name running up to him with his favourite book to read, this reduced me to tears. I'd only just said his name and he picked it up straight away. Watching the two of them play together made my heart melt. It also made me realise how much of a good dad he will make.

Sorry for the long post. I blame the hormones lol


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Hi Mrsglead1982. So hard to deal with, a little one's birthday during your 2WW and trying for a baby of your own. Well done to both of you,and wishing you huge success with your result. Thinking of you as always. Diane


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