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One little embie on board

We had a good blastocyst put back yesterday. It was amazing to see our precious little one even just for a few seconds. I'm just waiting for the clinic to phone to see if the other 2 blastocyst's made it to the freezer.

So it's official I am now in the 2ww. Otd is the 16th of July. I will try my hardest to keep to it but knowing me I will cave. I have no pregnancy tests in the house so that's a good start lol.

Any advice most welcome on coping with the 2ww crazies, and tips on right foods etc. This is all new to me so be nice to here your experiences.

Lots of love and baby dust

Lynsay and the little embie

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Best of luck in your 2ww it does drive you mad lol xx


Good luck to you ! I had my ET on sat and got to test 14th July. I'm unfortunately not holding out much hope as I had a low grade blast embryo! But you never know I suppose. All the best fingers crossed x


Good Luck for the 2ww. Just be kind to yourself eat fresh and healthy x


Good luck xx


Fantastic ❤🌈💋


Best of luck!xx


Good luck.

In case of food - ask doctor. Always ask him first before proceed.

Here some recommendations - blossomclinic.net/2014/08/2...

In case "what to do" - babymed.com/getting-pregnan...

In general keep calm, try "Healthy Way Of Life" approach and be patient.

Your mental health also affects pregnancy, so try not to worry about anything.


Yay congratulations and welcome to the 2WW!! :) Wishing you and Embie lots of love and sticking power xxxxx


I am still on 2WW but had a BFP on Saturday which was 8dp5dt. I have been drinking loads of water, taking pregnacare, eating 100% organic, no processed foods, 0 alcohol, only decaf tea/coffee, low carbs, high protein and fibre Good luck xxxx

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Ah this makes me even more excited! We also had 9 fertilised, some did much better than others but hopefully transfer day tomorrow. They said there would probably be about 3 good ones, but fingers crossed they all look good for tomorrow. Our EC day was Fri. Wishing you a healthy & happy 2WW!! xx


Congrats. Full fat milk and pineapple (including the core) along with the usual guidelines they give x


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