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Menotrophin injections to IVF

I am coming to end of a course of Menotrophin injections, I am also on an ongoing course of Metfornin 500mg tds.

My follicles have only recruited to approx 9mm - 10mm on my last scan on 250mg Menotrophin. My question is, really to anyone who's been in my situation; have you had successful or are currently undergoing IVF? As I understand it the injectables I'm doing are what I would have to use during preparing for IVF?! So, if my follicles aren't recruiting using Menotrophin am I likely to fail at IVF? 🙁

As you can probably gather I've had a follicle tracking scan today which ended in a conversation with being referred to my fertility consultant, with IVF in mind. My past fertility history includes Clomid and Menotrophin...

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I haven't experienced those meds but it is a question of tweaking which is y IVF doesn't always work 1st time.might be that u need different meds or strength.im sure your consultant will explain everything to u. There's always a lot they can do so I wouldn't panic yet as he will most likely be able to reassure u.best of luck x

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Thank you for your reassurance ☺️

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