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self funding patients

I seen the consultant on 13th sep about doing fet and he said its upto me if i do a medicated or non medicated but i have decided to do it medicated I was told to book an information session but i am really struggling to get booked in they said theres no waiting list but they are fully booked i thought as were self funding there wouldnt be a delay, we run 2 successful businesses and my partner works away , the clinic are not being much help surely if were paying we could say when we want to attend xx

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I don't know much about this as I'm relatively new to it all. Well I say new as in I havent started IVF but after a year waiting on appointments and investigations I dont feel new! Anyway you would think with private there would be no waiting lists.

Have you tried researching other clinics? A lot of the clinics I have searched seem to advertise no waiting times.

H x


Hi Ro5ie. Might be worth having alook at some other clinics at hfea.gov.uk Your frozen embryos can be transferred wherever you want them to be. All very frustrating for you, so hope you soon get sorted. Diane


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