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9 Eggs!!!!


Hey everyone I'm resting up at home but thought I'd let you all know egg collection went well and we got 9 eggs! The doctor said there were two on the left side but she did not think it was worth trying to get them as she would have to go through my uterus... But she was happy that she had got 9 from the right ovary. Very happy girl right now, fingers crossed for the phone call tomorrow xxx

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That's a great weekend number!👍 You should be very pleased with yourself! I hope you're getting spoiled at home home now, take it easy!!x

That's great news x

Congratulations that's a great harvest, sit back and try to relax tonight xx

Well done sweety xxx rest up now and fingers crossed xxx


Brilliant news, rest up now ready for transfer X

That's great :) so pleased feet up and rest xxx

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