ET all done πŸ˜„

Hi ladies

Just a quick update πŸ˜„

Egg transfer all done and we have a little embryo onboard ❀️

Thanks for all of your advice

Holly x

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  • All the best Holly! Everything crossed for you!x

  • Hi Cinderella

    Thank you xx

  • Aaah that's brilliant wishing you lots of baby dust :)

    I'm half way through my 2ww days feel like years hahah xx

  • Hi emjayne

    Half way through is pretty good πŸ˜„

    We've planned a day at the beach with the dogs on Sunday, a meal out on Thursday and a bit of retail for Friday!!! Xx

  • That's teally god you've got plans to keep you occupied :)

    Hope it goes nice and quick for you :) when's your test date? Xx

  • Hi emjayne

    My test date is the 26th so ten days away .... When is yours ?

    Holly x

  • Not too long to go then!! Fingers crossed for you!!

    Our test date is 21st xx

  • Hi emjayne

    Wow you don't have long to go now then πŸ˜„

    Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed xx

  • Glad all was ok. Now the hard part of waiting 😬 When's your test date? X

  • Hi button

    Our test date is the 26th may but Halifax want us to go in at 8:05am for a blood test.

    There were ladies at Leeds today and the nurses just told them to do their own test on a fixed date but Halifax have told me blood test!

    I think your test day is also the 26th?

    Holly xx

  • Yes that's also my test day 😬😬 really nervous as last time I came on before I even got to test date. I just do a home test X

  • Hi button

    Let's keep our fingers crossed and our positive feelings flowing πŸ˜„ X

  • Good luck x

  • Lots of luck and baby dust!!! πŸ’™πŸ’— x

  • Best of luck! πŸ€ X

  • Thanks ladies πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Waiting on a call from Leeds this morning to see if our third embryo made it ...

    Hope you are all ok

    Holly x

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