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Scared and confused :-(

Looking for any advice or reassurance please! Went for a 6 day scan today with a view of fet in this cycle. Consultant pulled a face at scan and showed me a 'thing' on the scan not seen before which was a shock 😱 Could it be residue from previous Ivf chemical pregnancy in March? Could it be a polyp? I'm back on Thursday for follow up scan to see what to do next. If it's a polyp apparently it prevents implantation and needs removing. More delays 😩 Feeling really fed up and concerned. Has anyone had this, what was it and did you go on to have successful pregnancy? Any help appreciated my lovelies xx

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Hi Helen,

I have had a few polyps removed, they are really common and easy to remove.  Like you I had a scan before embryo transfer to check my womb lining and they found a .5 cm polyp.  My clinic refused to do the transfer until I had it removed.

With regards to time frames, I waited only 7 weeks on the NHS for the hyperscopy and removal of the polyp and then done the transfer after 3 periods, so an extra wait of 5 months. 

I totally get how you feel about waiting!, But  if you do have a polyp it has to be removed before transfer. In the end I seen the  wait as a positive, gave me time to lose a little weight, enjoy the summer and be in the best shape possible for transfer. There is so much in this roller coaster that is out of our control, that positive thinking gave me some control back (if that makes sense).  After the procedure I had a lovely womb, ready for transfer.  I was successful on this FET and am now a very happy pregnant lady, nearly 33 weeks :-) 

Good luck on Thursday! and try not to worry (easier said than done, I know).


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Aww thank you J, and congratulations! :-))) Your message was reassuring and your story gives me hope. And yes if there was an award for waiting, we'd all be first in line! I hope all goes well for you and enjoy your new family xxx

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Yes I had the exact same reaction just when I thought another hurdle was crossed a scan showed up a fibroid. I am having this removed next month. I keep reminding myself I am just being tested that I can go through this and become a mother. Stay positive.


Hi flump, Thankyou for your reply. sorry to hear about your fibroid. What is the difference between a polyp and fibroid? It does seem to be one big test! 😩 it's the hope and dreams of motherhood that keeps us going and give us strength to overcome hurdles and carry on. I wish you the best of luck with your journey xx


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