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Ovitrelle injection

Hi everyone, i need some help. As its been a long time since i had the ovitrelle inj i forgot i had to turn the dial to 250 so turned it half way and injected but not everything went in so i kept turning it to the 250 then when i realised and finished injecting. Have i just messed up my final injection or will it be ok as i had the full injection but in 2 parts?? Im worried i have messed things up now 😕

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Hi Sam, I am sure it will be fine, you still injected your full dose.

Hope all goes well!



As long as you administered the whole thing I'm sure it won't matter. Try not to worry x

Good luck xx


Hi Sam101. As long as you had the whole dose, even if it was divided, you will be fine. Good luck! Diane


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