should I be feeling any different???

Morning lovely ladies hope ur all doing well as expected on ur hard journey I had my transfer on Tue morning and I feel no different at all I've had to failed attempts this is my 3 so I never felt any different before cause I was not pregnant should I feel different or having any signs as anyone went on to have a bfp and didn't have any signs the wait is killing me I just need to no if it's another fail and my partner is against us doing a hpt and I wouldn't do it behind his back I've just to wait another 5 days as go in thur so it's not even 2ww it's like 9 days is that strange??? Head is all over the place baby dust to u all πŸ’• xxxxx

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  • Morning, I didn't feel any different until the last few days and remember everyone is different! It's 2 weeks from your EC not ET, does that work out right for you? I really wouldn't do a HPT, in my experience it just adds more stress! Fingers crossed for you BFP! Xxx

  • Thanks hun aww I don't no then as had my ec in January so must be right or wouldn't have me back in eh I just need to no wot did u feel hun hoe far on are u ☺ xxxxxx

  • Hi when I had my first bfp (chemical pregnancy) I didn't feel different noticed metallic taste in mouth about two days before test day and belly bit bloated.. I really hope this works for u xx

  • Thank you miroslava I just don't feel no different at all just wish could get a sign that it has or hasn't hate u have to wait so long hope all is well with u hun xxxxx

  • I had 0 symptoms and still don't. Only thing I noticed which was strange was smelly wee which was weird. Other than that nothing. Everyone's different don't think into it too much. I was convinced it hadn't worked this time. Where as last time I was convinced I was pregnant sore boobs etc ... but wasn't that time x not long to go! 9 days that's good going mine was 11 ... obviously lasted only 6 days of that and then became a serial tester lol x good luck

  • How far on are u hun am so happy for u ☺ I really hope I am haha I would be like that test after test but my partner isn't letting me and couldnt go behind his back but am trying to no I keep touching my belly thinking shouldnt it be hard or something haha xxxxx

  • 7 weeks on Monday first scan then x the waits been killing me for my scan... which I totally have no control over unlike testing early in the wait lol!

    Haha your belly shouldn't feel any different. .. just make sure your chilling and taking it easy. That's what I did different this time total bed rest since transfer and still off work.. x

  • I love hearing people like yourself getting a bfp makes me so happy I really do wish u all the luck in the world with ur wee miracle ☺ I've got a party tonight that I don't even want to go to defo wont be dancing I've only been out and about a few times apart from that been lying on the couch feeling so lazy xxxxx

  • I felt absolutely nothing, not a single thing for the whole 2 weeks and started to mourn the failure as was convinced it was nothing. Did a hpt one day early and got BFP! Shocked was an understatement.

    Try to keep busy and lots of early nights to make time pass! Good luck xx

  • Awww huni congratulations so happy for u ☺ I really hope am the same as u as I feel not a thing I've been having plenty rest was at a party tonight as was my friends engagement so had to go I sat down the whole night not like me everyone kept saying ur always 1st on the dance floor come dance with me felt so rude but didn't want to risk anything my health has to come 1st how far on are u hun xxxxx

  • In one week past the test date now and have another ten days to go until the scan. The waiting is honestly driving me crazy. Am having a lot of nausea and tiredness in the last few days so hoping that's normal. Have totally bailed on my social life and there's only so much to I can watch now!

    Take it easy lovely, avoid the temptation to test early and good luck! XX

  • Aw hopefully the 10 days will go in fast hun ☺ that's wot my friends have been saying about hardly see me but definitely need to think about ourselves the now eh aw my partner won't let me so will wait till Thursday just pray it's good news I will be putting up here ☺ xxxx

  • Hi! I've just started the IVF treatment and seems to going ok, have our next appointment on Tuesday.

    How long do you have to wai before testing? I think you should stay positive as much as possible x

  • Bet your so excited that it's all started hun ☺ it's normally a 2ww but mines this time is 9days wish u so much luck xxxxx

  • Wish you lots of luck, let me know your outcome x

  • Thank you so much hun and definitely will do xxxx

  • I didn't at all I said to hubby I am not pregnant this month cause I have had no symptoms then on the day thar my period was due I retched! I took a test the next day! Could not believe it!

    When do u test Hun ? It's awful this bit isn't it I go out of my mind!! Praying for u xxx

  • Awww see i keep worrying coz alot of people have been getting signs I find out on Thursday when u take ur test xxxx

  • Is it one more sleep? How are you feeling? X

  • Yeah hun one more sleep then after get my blood took its like 6 hour wait which will feel like forever so think going some Christmas shopping with my partner yeah still the same just wee cramps now and then but apart from that nothing how u feeling hun xxxxx

  • Cramps are all good.. I didn't get many just a couple that didn't last long! I've got a good feeling about this for you. I'll say a little prayer for you tonight.

    You've done so well not testing early.

    As for me I'm fine ... just resting up day time TV sucks ... just waiting for my midwife referral xx

  • Yeah mines are just wee short ones too and not to sore I really hope it does I really don't think am strong enough to keep going thrgh this aww thank you so much that sooooooo sweet of u hun if it wasn't for my partner I defo would have as just want to no already oh God it really rubbish thrgh the day isn't it aw am so happy for u hun hope everything turns out just fine for u so deserve it hun xxxxxx

  • Good luck today Hun!!! Thinking of u xx

  • Awww thank you so much huni ur so sweet πŸ’• am sooooooo nervous scared and excited am just getting ready to leave as takes over an hour to get there hopefully I will be putting up here good new later this afternoon ☺ hows things going with u huni am so happy for u xxxxxx

  • Good luck πŸ€

  • Aww thank you huni πŸ’• am on way just now ☺ xxxxxx

  • Good luck for today x

  • Thanks huni πŸ’•

  • Good lucky, keeping my fingers crossed for you x

  • Any updates yet? Xxx

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