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CA 125 blood test: routine for cysts?

I have a blood test to check my levels of the protein CA 125 today. I was told to book a test for it by my gynaecologist at our local fertility clinic last Wednesday after he found 3 large cysts on my ovaries and 1 polyp during a transvaginal scan and HyCoSy. My gynae believes the cysts to be due to endometriosis. I hadn't really given it much thought. I only had a look and realised the test was specifically to check for ovarian cancer at the weekend.

I have a cousin who developed it in her late twenties so I am a bit scared as surely I have more of a chance, therefore, the average woman in her early thirties. I'm 31 and have yet to have any children despite trying with my DH for over 2 years.

Have any of you had this test if you had cysts? Do you know if it's standard practice?

Any experiences or knowledge about this would be great, thank you.

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I have had this test before and regularly since following cysts on my ovary. I must say it scared the crap out of me when I realised what it was! But endometriosis can cause it to be raised other than ovarian cancer so is not really definitive.


I had this test done in hospital last year just before my laparoscopy. If the numbers are high it can mean endometriosis. I got a fright too. Apparently the numbers need to be really high for it to be cancer related. I had an endometrioma on my left ovary which had to be removed. I've now got another two, one in my left ovary & another in my right ovary 😩 x x


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