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Injection 1 done!

Well I've just done my first injection and feel rather emotional now that it's finally underway after a tense few months!

It wasn't as bad as I expected but did anyone else find the syringe really stiff to push once the needle was under the skin? It seemed take forever to completely empty the syringe! Any advice on how to make it easier would be much appreciated 😀 xx

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Well done boothy1883 👍I think you'll find the injections get easier the more you do them. The only tips I can give you would be to make sure you pinch before you inject, rub the area immediately afterwards & inject slowly otherwise it will sting. Good luck with your journey 💚 x x


Well done boothy. I'm on day 3 of my injections and it was a lot easier by today! Sorry I can't offer any advise on making it easier, it's just time and practice. Good luck with it all. 😊


I find not pulling the needle as far back as it will go a bit of a help. I only leave the tiniest bit of room but it seems to help it not to catch. And it definitely gets easier the more you do. Good luck with the rest of them.


Hi booyhy. I had the same problem when I did my first injection but after that first time it was much easier, just think it was down to my nerves! You'll find it much easier each day! Good luck to you x x


Well done Boothy1883! My only advice is to change sides so you're not injecting in the same area every night. I did find he syringe a little stiff to push down on but you do get used to it.

It is an emotional time. Accepting that you need IVF can be quite sad but there's also an element of excitement about what the future holds!

Good luck! x


Thanks everyone for your advice and support, hopefully this evening I'll be a little less nervous and might find it easier. Good luck to you all x


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