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Day 5......day 3 in work.....5 days until test day

Don't know about anyone else but last nights heat was horrible and I had really bad stomach pains hope it's not bad. I've been in work for the last three days and although the days are slow it has taken my mind off what is happening that now and then I stop what I'm doing and say to myself "wow I could be pregnant right now slow down" ...... I keep getting the odd twinge or bit of cramp which I'm hoping is nothing to worry about (I don't have periods so can't be me coming on) looking forward to test day 🙏 feel like it's my time, but I just want to know now, I'm just carrying on as normal hoping that positive test is at the end x

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SuzanneAM I have everything crossed for you sweet!! Keep us up to date how you get on!! Xxx


Good luck babe xxx


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