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FREE online fertility and wellness summit Starts TODAY

I am taking part in an online fertility and wellness summit and being interviewed on mindfulness. All interviews from the summit will be free to listen to for 48 hours. 18 fertility specialists are taking part, I listened to the previous event and loved it so I am really excited to be taking part this time round. Details below on my interview:

Happier, healthier and more relaxed in just 3 mindful minutes!

Infertility has been found to be a stressful as being diagnosed with a life threatening disease and stress negatively impacts our fertility. Break out of this cycle by learning to be mindful, just 3 minutes can make a difference.

The thoughts that circle while experiencing infertility are far more terrifying than the day-to-day experience. “What if I never get to be a parent?” “What if infertility conquers me?” By utilising cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) you can put an end to the constant analysing and assessing, which is exhausting and make it impossible to experience peace of mind.

Experience CBT and a guided mindfulness practice. There is no such thing as a bad mediator, I will explain how this concept can be overcome and how there is so much more to mindfulness.

Register for free access to all interviews via my website mindfulmumatobe.co.uk

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