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Scan Update

Hi Guys,I hope everyone is ok. I just wanted to update u all abt my scan. As most of u kno I’m pregnant with twins. Today’s scan showed no heart beat on one baby at 15 weeks. We were doing tests for genetic illness and they found one baby with high NT fluid on the neck and also had problems with it’s heart. Last Friday we had another scan n docs told us it won’t survive but we should wait n see. Today we had a another scan n my baby didn’t have a heartbeat anymore. It’s sad but we have to be strong for the one that’s healthy in there.

It’s hard because everyone one knew we were having twins and it’s gonna be very hard. 😥

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Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that hun. So sorry for your loss 😢xx


Thank u so much. ❤️


I’m so sorry to read this xx

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Thank u ❤️