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Parenting Workshop in Southampton

There is a workshop, Parenting The FASD Child on next Tuesday in Southampton. T...

Adoption support fund & FAS & FASD ASSESSMENT

THIS WILL be available via LA application from April 2015 see www. first4adopti...

Nothing on files....

Hi, trying to pursue a diagnosis or at least an opinion for our 8 year old daugh...

support groups in SW

Hi Any support groups in the south west ?

Any support groups in Merseyside?

Hi, Does anyone know of any FAS support Groups in the Merseyside area? Thanks

Support Groups

We are based in the manchester area, are there any groups in our area? Thanks

Support in Yorkshire

The Leeds group will meet on 6 December at 11am. Free event & All welcome. Brin...

Southampton Support Group on 8 November

Southampton FASD Trust support group on 8/11/14 in Avenue St Andrews's United Re...

Media Coverage on FASD on 5 November

The FASD Trust team are on various media outlets tomorrow. 8:10am Good Morning B...

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