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Welcoming your new moderators!


As of this week, the National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome UK (NOFAS-UK), in partnership with some other members of the FASD UK Alliance, will be joining your community to offer support, resources and to help ensure the community stays the safe and supportive place.

NOFAS-UK is a well respected FASD organisation in the UK and works cooperatively with other FASD organisations in the UK that are dedicated to supporting people, families and communities affected by FASD. We are really thrilled to have them on board and excited to see the many benefits they will bring to you all.

Why not say hello to Sandy_FASD and the team by sharing a post and introducing yourself: healthunlocked.com/fasd-sup...

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hi This is good news to see this running. As i used to follow the fasd trust and glad you are going to be here instead. Looking forward to seeing lots of posts.

Sandy_FASDAdministrator in reply to bowiefan

Hi - thanks for the welcome! Glad to step in with the others who will be helping out. More soon once we get up and running.

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